Bible Study Tools

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to train students to competently use the basic tools in studying the Bible. Though lectures, students will be instructed on the purpose and proper use of the Bible study tools and will know why they should use them, when to use them and how to use them. Through in class labs and homework assignments, students will put into practice the principles learned in class. Finally, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their competency in the use of the essential tools in a final project to be turned in on the final day of class.


Recommended Study Tools

  • Concordance
    • New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance $12.45 available here
  • Bible Dictionary
    • Nelson’s Compact Bible Dictionary $3.33 available here
  • One Volume Bible Commentary 
    • Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible (Super Value Series) $12.45 available here
  • Bible Handbook 
    • Nelson’s Compact Bible Handbook $6.97 available here
  • Expository Dictionary of OT and NT Words
    • Expository Dictionary of Bible Words (updated Vines) $12.99 available here
  • Topical Bible
    • Nave’s Topical Bible $15.97 available here

Helpful websites:


Class Outline

Date Topic
9/9 Concordances
9/16 Expository Dictionaries
9/23 Topical Bibles
9/30 Bible Handbooks
10/7 Bible Dictionaries
10/14 Commentaries