How to Use a Topical Bible

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What is a Topical Bible?

Similar to a Concordance which groups verse references around particular words, a Topical Bible is an index of biblical topics which organizes verse references under a theme or topic. Topics may range from the wide (concepts like salvation or repentance) to the narrow (references to rope or doves).

Why use a Topical Bible?

  1. To explore what the Bible says on a particular topic.
  2. To find biblical cross references to related topic even if it doesn’t use the same wording.

What kinds of Topical Bible are there?

These tools are typically organized by the topic or by the Scripture reference which you are studying. For those ordered by topic, the topics are in English and give the reader a list of verses from the which are in some way related to the topic. For those ordered by Scripture reference, cross references are found after the verse and are sometimes tied to specific words in the verse.


  • Nave’s Topical Bible
  • Torrey’s New Topical Textbook


  • The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
  • Thompson Chain Reference Bible

How to use a Topical Bible:

To Explore a Biblical Topic use tools that are arranged Topically:

  1. Identify a key topic in your passage.
  2. Look up the topic in your topical
  3. Look up the references provided
  4. Cite and summarize the most helpful references.


To find Biblical Cross References to related topic e use tools that are arranged Scripturally:

  1. Look up selected passage in your topical Bible.
  2. Look up each reference in your Bible.
  3. Cite and summarize the most helpful references.


  1. Using John 3:16 as the reference, use the Explore a Biblical Topic method to find out more about a specific topic.
  2. Pick a topic (i.e. Salvation, God’s love, Belief)
  3. Read through the references
  4. Cite and summarize these the best two or three verses.
  5. Now use the Find Biblical Cross References to discover other verses related to topics in John 3:16. Cite and summarize the best two or three verses.

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